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project get skinny
each day i will update my progress with weight loss and getting back in shape
(starting June 20,2011)

Omg it has almost been a month since an UPDATE! 
July 23, 2011
i did an update... had a picture... ryan said i looked like i was 45 so i deleted it ... great
Day Ten- June 29, 2011
i over did it on monday. my left shin is splitting in half i swear. i have a million chores to do, just not enough time in the day for a trip to the gym. lets hope tomorrow is better. i should be. gym tomorrow is a must. i have to go. 

Day Nine- June 28,2011
shin splints

Day Eight- June 27,2011
you'll never believe it but i went to the gym... and i went alone... ryan hasn't been going with me that's why i haven't been going. i just like having the company even if he goes off and does his own thing, and i do enjoy a sip of his energy stuff :]. so i just ran on the treadmill i did three bursts at running at 7mph. AND I ALMOST MADE MY GOAL. i was really upset when i couldn't. my breathing got horrendous. monday was also sooo hot! so when i got home i had to take an ice shower. and my face was still read from the run. 
i ran 1.35 in 16 min. i did the mile and a half in 18:33. i just need to shave off a min and 33 seconds. could i have done it... i kept asking myself and ... no i couldn't have. next time ill try. 

Day Seven- June 26, 2011
another day of nothing-ness

Day Six- June 25, 2011
i did nothing this day :[ oh dear

Day Five- June 24, 2011
Today must be like a test for me or something. all i wanted to do today is eat. all because i'm bored out of my mind today. i have been able to control myself but oh man is it hard. and to top it off my husband wanted Dragon House for dinner. i got him food but i didn't get anything :] . i just had a turkey sandwich for dinner. i'm so hungry right now, i get horrible midnight cravings. no gym again today. i am in desperate need for new sneakers. i have flat feet and i have cheap cheap sketchers sneakers that are very low to the ground. and i hate running in my old cheer sneakers, they are little platformed. i should really be sleeping now so i can have energy. i need to do some major running this weekend. 

Day Four- June 23, 2011
today i ran into my kitchen wearing my flip flops to grab my sun glasses and slipped on water and fell and slip into my fridge. i didn't even realize i fell to the floor until i felt the pain in my toe. i must have slammed it really hard because i got a blood blister the size of mars. So i cant wear my sneakers and did get to the gym :[. i feel like a failure. but i ate so well today and still managed to lose another pound. its been a pound a day and that makes me happy. just goes to show just changing my diet is helping majorly. last night Ryan had a snack and i was so temped to have a snack too but i didn't i am so proud of my self control. i really really don't want to set myself back in any way. gym tomorrow morning for sure. i want to go when its not crowded, must get a treadmill with a fan ... makes working out so much nicer, who ever thought of it is a genius. 

Day Three- June 22, 2011
i don't have much to write i admit i did not go to the gym yesterday. i did plan on going later in the day. but my ankles felt like some one took a sledge hammer to the joints. i ate very well. yogurt for breakfast, lean pocket for lunch and for dinner i had morning star chic patty and 3 perogies with a large glass of water. i did enjoy a milky way Starbucks coffee. i felt a little guilty but it was delish! but i wont be having one in a long time, i can not cave into my addiction it'll just ruin my progress. so far so good too! 

putting pictures of idols or pictures of Victoria Secret models on my computer background was my first attempt at motivation ... did it work.. NO! but every time i come across a picture of me before my weight gain i get sad and wish more than anything to lose a few pounds and that's when i get my butt up and over to the gym. so now my background is a collage of me. 
back then i was always running around with friends, i had cheerleading through high school and college, i taught gymnastics and cheer so i didn't have to watch what i ate, so once i moved down to Texas to live with my husband i didn't have any of that anymore and didn't realize i had to keep being active and choose better eating habits. that year i gained 30 pounds and now i don't even recognize myself in the mirror. i don't think im obese, i'm not technically over weight but i'm very uncomfortable i get winded going up the stairs and all my joints are starting to give out like i'm 90 years old. this needs to change. and here i am publicly announcing that from this day forward i vow to keep daily updates on my progress I WILL GET IN SHAPE. i'm going to even post a very embarrassing photo of me here to show (hopefully) my transformation into a healthier body, better now than when its to late. 
whats your motivation?? what do you do to keep your self focused on a goal??

Day Two- June 21, 2011
i woke up and got dressed right away for the gym, can you say EXCITED! turquoise soffee shorts and my favorite thing (under armour) underneath and an old cheer t-shirt with the saying small in size large with pride ((i remember all the inappropriate snickers when we wore them to school.))

i did another 5 miles on the bike and the same run/walk today. the 10 min run was a bit harder but i pushed through it and felt good about it. my hair kept falling out its bun so that messed it all up having to stop and start. Ryan wasnt done with his work out so i did 3 sets of abs and 3 sets of two different shoulder work outs on the machines. im very proud of myself. 

here's the problem.... i love food... well actually i now hate it. i went from being 115 pounds 2 years ago to being almost 150. that over 30 pounds in one year... and another year of not doing anything about it. im very self conscious. all my friends are been polls. my best friend is 145 and shes a stick, shes all muscle and toned and im all flubb. i feel that my body is supposed to be skinny because when is it down its uncomfortable i hate wearing jeans because they are to tight, i live in sweats, first thing when i get home is change. i cant have this anymore, i used to be ryan's hot wife... now im a wife, the wife who got Lakenheath-ed as they say (meaning i gained weight when i got to England) but actually i got wichita falls texas -ed. that's when i gained my weight. so here i am doing this fitness journal and im all for this. PROJECT GET SKINNY THIS TIME YOU WILL WORK!! :]

Day One- June 20, 2011
today was a great day to start off my new attempt to get back in shape. at first i was really cranky and just didn't want to go to the gym, and it was really nice outside. so my husband and i hopped on the bikes and did 5 miles to warm up and it actually got me excited and then i got on the tread mill while Ryan did his work out in the weight room. i ran 10 minutes at 6.5. i'm so proud of myself i haven't been able to run that long in a very long time. years to be exact. then i speed walked with the incline up for a little less than 10 min. totaling about a mile and a half. Ryan said that if i did the mile and a half two mins shorter i would be able to pass the girls pt test! so that's my new goal. 

Goal: Mile and a half in 16 minutes. 

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