Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whats your song? here is mine :]

okay so here's the thing... i am OBSESSED WITH TRANSFORMERS! i love the movies and i get all excited when i watch them. i watched the first two movies last night and i was running around my living room transforming and making the noises, its like i'm a 7 year old boy ahaha! so this week i picked the new song by Linkin Park, Iridescent. for each movie Linkin Park does and song and i love them all. This one i think is my favorite!

Iridescent- Linkin Park

Link up here to share your favorite song this week!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the war against terrorists and a bit of this and that

and by terrorists i mean spiders.... and by spiders i mean mammoth sized spiders .... i have never seen monster spiders before moving to England... my husband and i are soooo scared of them ... we scream like girls when we see one... "ryan oh my god get something to kill it" , "no you kill it", and we get goosebumps and makes our skin crawl... yeah i know were wimps but just watch the video of us killing the spiders in our fence. we are doing it purposely  but we really don't want our new puppy to eat them or worse for them to hide in his fur because hes going to have a lot of fur.
over the weekend my husband worked out in the yard, its becoming a passion of his. when we moved into our new home the grass has huge patches of weeds. ryan tore them up planted new dirt and this weekend he cut the grass and got to see all his hard work, but his ocd kicked in a bit and the patches he dug up weren't even with the original grass so he laid a bit more dirt and some seed to make the yard even.  
unfortunately a few days after our fight with the spiders we looked out into our yard and saw that it was no longer green, the raid spray we were using must had floated around the yard and killed the grass, its all brown and nasty... we will never use that spider and scorpion spray again, i feel so bad that all his hard work has been destroyed, before he headed to work he put down some lawn food and lawn thickener in the hopes that ill fix things? 
our yard after the poison killed the grass :[

Monday here in England was the hottest day in 5 years. it was almost 90. that to me is a normal summer day back in New England, but i haven't been in heat like that in 2 years so yikes! but i sat out in the yard to read my book. that's one of my favorite things to do, its always so piece full and relaxing to read outside, unfortunately the F-15 jets were flying back in so it got really loud, i don't know how my husband works around the jets every day, no wonder he has to listen to the TV super loud. :] 

yesterday i went to the salon with Suzy, and Ashley and we all got our hair done. Suzy got some highlights and a cut, Ashley got a lot of her hair cut and a dye and it came out amazing!! and i got a must needed hair cut. it had been a year and a half since my last cut. no wonder it was so snarly, dry, and nasty! i love love love my hair cut! 
horrible pictures but my camera needs some charging. but i really like my hair a lot! its so soft and easy to style now.

now that its summer and the weather is hopfully going to be nice, on the weekends ryan and i want to go one some adventures. i went to the travel office and got a bunch of brochures on thing that would be fun. our first trip will probly be on a safari ... i guess you can drive your car through the wildlife and check out the animals !!! Woburn Safari check it out!!! im so excited. we want to go soon, before we get our new puppy!

Friday, June 24, 2011

late night baking

i just baked my husband his favorite thing. i got to use the my new kitchen to bake and i loved the space. my first kitchen here i had to mix cakes on the floor. 
can you guess what im baking at 11 pm ?!?!

Banana Bread!! 
i do not like banana bread, i dont really like bananas. i used to eat them. the smell reminds me of my nana, i would go down stairs for breakfast and have cheerios topped with banana slices. 

i really do get so grossed out when i make this, but my husband loves it so much and it makes me happy when i can make him something nice. he deserves it after a long hard week at work. they had him coming in at 1 , 2 hours before his shift... and its almost 1 am and hes still at work. so he will come home to a fresh loaf of banana bread :]

oh its sunny out!! oh no nope its gone...

yay its finally summer!!! warm sunny days! cool lemonade! running through the sprinklers, trips to the beach, laying in the sun! Oh how i miss that! Summer here in England is Bipolar. it has its really summery hot days then it has its freezing days where i need a mug of tea and a snuggley blanket.
this is what my summer so far has looked like. if this wasn't England and i was back home my seasonal depression would be kicking in. i thrive off of sunny warm days. but ever since we've moved here i haven't had a problem with the weather. back in April/may we had 70 degree and up weather almost everyday so ill just pretend that was my summer and hope to see some good days soon. although recently i have been craving fall. i love the crisp-ness of the air, the smell of the changing leaves, hot apple cider, tea... Halloween! oh how i miss halloween back home. driving out to nh with my best friend, getting lost and having to turn around several times!!! haunted acres in New Hampshire is one thing i look forward to every year and havnt been able to go for  several years. we only have a year and a half left here then its back to Massachusetts we go! :]

check out this video i just came across... what are your thoughts... it makes me a little uncomfortable

hope everyone has a super fantastic Friday! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

a new love for Bon Iver

i just came across this artist just the other night. i got an iTunes gift card from my mother in law for easter and finally got around to wanting some new music. i always go through and check the top songs because i miss out on a lot of music living here in England, but at the same time English music is growing on me!! 

i came across the number one album that night and it just looked intriguing. i had never heard of this artist before and the album artwork caught my eye. so i checked out the most popular song fell in love with it not even 5 seconds into the preview. 

Bon Iver 

im so excited to explore all his music and learn more about him. i am so in love with this song. 


when i listen to his music it makes me want to get into comfy shorts, my cozy leg warmers, put on my massive head phones that block out all other sound and lay on my couch with my legs up over the back and just listen to the music while i let my emotions run wild.

heres another song i just fell in love with by Bon Iver. i love this video too.


i hope you can enjoy theses songs as much as i do. what are you listening to? link up with Goodnight Moon

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

project get skinny

help me get back in shape by checking out my Daily Fitness tab, i'm really excited to write about each day and how its going. here's a bit i wrote last night about what is motivating me to keep this up. i haven't done much yet for day 3 but i have plans for later, i just have to let my joints recover!! maybe a home work out is a good idea. 

check out my tab to see how its going and what i'm up to :]

putting pictures of idols or pictures of Victoria Secret models on my computer background was my first attempt at motivation ... did it work.. NO! but every time i come across a picture of me before my weight gain i get sad and wish more than anything to lose a few pounds and that's when i get my butt up and over to the gym. so now my background is a collage of me. 

back then i was always running around with friends, i had cheerleading through high school and college, i taught gymnastics and cheer so i didn't have to watch what i ate, so once i moved down to Texas to live with my husband i didn't have any of that anymore and didn't realize i had to keep being active and choose better eating habits. that year i gained 30 pounds and now i don't even recognize myself in the mirror. i don't think im obese, i'm not technically over weight but i'm very uncomfortable i get winded going up the stairs and all my joints are starting to give out like i'm 90 years old. this needs to change. and here i am publicly announcing that from this day forward i vow to keep daily updates on my progress I WILL GET IN SHAPE. i'm going to even post a very embarrassing photo of me here to show (hopefully) my transformation into a healthier body, better now than when its to late. 

whats your motivation?? what do you do to keep your self focused on a goal??

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i confess

  • i confess that this is two days in a row i have done a link up... this is new to me and my new blog ... and they are too much fun
  • i confess that i am currently drinking two energy drink at the same time 

  • i confess that i care too much about what people think and want to make everyone happy
  • i confess that i am freaking out over the fact that i can no longer afford to finish my college degree
  • i confess that i spend way too much time looking at the pictures of my new puppy the breeder sends for weekly updates

  • i confess that i don't drink enough water, which leads to headaches, which leads to me taking Excedrin and staying up all night

now fess up... its your turn head over to Carissa Explains It All and link up and spill your guts confess it all 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Miscellany Monday

A new blog and a new weekly thing? i love reading everyone's Miscellany Mondays so why not write some of my own ??
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

i deleted my old blog. i get bored easily and wanted to try a few new things and why not start fresh. and i'm really excited about this one.

i also started a twitter account and i'm actually going to use it, i started it last April and forgot so ... take two.  i have a link to it on the left side :]

i'm also going to track my attempt to get back in shape. i created a page tab and each day i want to update it with what i've been up to and how i've been doing. its my new attempt at motivation. i'm really excited about it and really want to shed a few pounds and tone up.

i took this picture last week after a rain storm. last week we got a lot of rain storms followed with sun. the front of my house would be sunny and the back would still be pouring. and over the weekend we had a thunderstorm, i haven't heard a thunderstorm since living in New England.

ive been working part time ... or shall i say less than part time because my friend and i split the job and get it done in an hour and a half. I go into the base commissary and stock a few shelve, i always do the yoplait yogurts and the green giant vegetables. i love it because i go in every night for a few hours i can go between 6pm and 8am, we get paid by the box we stock, with the yogurts i can get up to 50+ boxes :]. and the job works with my husbands swing shift, 3pm to 3am.

well look at the time... its technically Tuesday here in England! Yikes! but still monday back home so to me this still counts :]