Friday, June 24, 2011

oh its sunny out!! oh no nope its gone...

yay its finally summer!!! warm sunny days! cool lemonade! running through the sprinklers, trips to the beach, laying in the sun! Oh how i miss that! Summer here in England is Bipolar. it has its really summery hot days then it has its freezing days where i need a mug of tea and a snuggley blanket.
this is what my summer so far has looked like. if this wasn't England and i was back home my seasonal depression would be kicking in. i thrive off of sunny warm days. but ever since we've moved here i haven't had a problem with the weather. back in April/may we had 70 degree and up weather almost everyday so ill just pretend that was my summer and hope to see some good days soon. although recently i have been craving fall. i love the crisp-ness of the air, the smell of the changing leaves, hot apple cider, tea... Halloween! oh how i miss halloween back home. driving out to nh with my best friend, getting lost and having to turn around several times!!! haunted acres in New Hampshire is one thing i look forward to every year and havnt been able to go for  several years. we only have a year and a half left here then its back to Massachusetts we go! :]

check out this video i just came across... what are your thoughts... it makes me a little uncomfortable

hope everyone has a super fantastic Friday! 

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