Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the war against terrorists and a bit of this and that

and by terrorists i mean spiders.... and by spiders i mean mammoth sized spiders .... i have never seen monster spiders before moving to England... my husband and i are soooo scared of them ... we scream like girls when we see one... "ryan oh my god get something to kill it" , "no you kill it", and we get goosebumps and makes our skin crawl... yeah i know were wimps but just watch the video of us killing the spiders in our fence. we are doing it purposely  but we really don't want our new puppy to eat them or worse for them to hide in his fur because hes going to have a lot of fur.
over the weekend my husband worked out in the yard, its becoming a passion of his. when we moved into our new home the grass has huge patches of weeds. ryan tore them up planted new dirt and this weekend he cut the grass and got to see all his hard work, but his ocd kicked in a bit and the patches he dug up weren't even with the original grass so he laid a bit more dirt and some seed to make the yard even.  
unfortunately a few days after our fight with the spiders we looked out into our yard and saw that it was no longer green, the raid spray we were using must had floated around the yard and killed the grass, its all brown and nasty... we will never use that spider and scorpion spray again, i feel so bad that all his hard work has been destroyed, before he headed to work he put down some lawn food and lawn thickener in the hopes that ill fix things? 
our yard after the poison killed the grass :[

Monday here in England was the hottest day in 5 years. it was almost 90. that to me is a normal summer day back in New England, but i haven't been in heat like that in 2 years so yikes! but i sat out in the yard to read my book. that's one of my favorite things to do, its always so piece full and relaxing to read outside, unfortunately the F-15 jets were flying back in so it got really loud, i don't know how my husband works around the jets every day, no wonder he has to listen to the TV super loud. :] 

yesterday i went to the salon with Suzy, and Ashley and we all got our hair done. Suzy got some highlights and a cut, Ashley got a lot of her hair cut and a dye and it came out amazing!! and i got a must needed hair cut. it had been a year and a half since my last cut. no wonder it was so snarly, dry, and nasty! i love love love my hair cut! 
horrible pictures but my camera needs some charging. but i really like my hair a lot! its so soft and easy to style now.

now that its summer and the weather is hopfully going to be nice, on the weekends ryan and i want to go one some adventures. i went to the travel office and got a bunch of brochures on thing that would be fun. our first trip will probly be on a safari ... i guess you can drive your car through the wildlife and check out the animals !!! Woburn Safari check it out!!! im so excited. we want to go soon, before we get our new puppy!

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  1. 1. I died over those spiders. Like seriously, almost lost my lunch. And I died a little over how cute you and ryan are.
    2. holy crap... I can't even believe what that did to your lawn. That is so sad!!!!!
    3. I love your hair cut a lot!
    4. I'm really jealous of your adventures. Kind of makes me hate my life. I want a frickin safari