Thursday, June 23, 2011

a new love for Bon Iver

i just came across this artist just the other night. i got an iTunes gift card from my mother in law for easter and finally got around to wanting some new music. i always go through and check the top songs because i miss out on a lot of music living here in England, but at the same time English music is growing on me!! 

i came across the number one album that night and it just looked intriguing. i had never heard of this artist before and the album artwork caught my eye. so i checked out the most popular song fell in love with it not even 5 seconds into the preview. 

Bon Iver 

im so excited to explore all his music and learn more about him. i am so in love with this song. 


when i listen to his music it makes me want to get into comfy shorts, my cozy leg warmers, put on my massive head phones that block out all other sound and lay on my couch with my legs up over the back and just listen to the music while i let my emotions run wild.

heres another song i just fell in love with by Bon Iver. i love this video too.


i hope you can enjoy theses songs as much as i do. what are you listening to? link up with Goodnight Moon