Monday, June 20, 2011

Miscellany Monday

A new blog and a new weekly thing? i love reading everyone's Miscellany Mondays so why not write some of my own ??
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

i deleted my old blog. i get bored easily and wanted to try a few new things and why not start fresh. and i'm really excited about this one.

i also started a twitter account and i'm actually going to use it, i started it last April and forgot so ... take two.  i have a link to it on the left side :]

i'm also going to track my attempt to get back in shape. i created a page tab and each day i want to update it with what i've been up to and how i've been doing. its my new attempt at motivation. i'm really excited about it and really want to shed a few pounds and tone up.

i took this picture last week after a rain storm. last week we got a lot of rain storms followed with sun. the front of my house would be sunny and the back would still be pouring. and over the weekend we had a thunderstorm, i haven't heard a thunderstorm since living in New England.

ive been working part time ... or shall i say less than part time because my friend and i split the job and get it done in an hour and a half. I go into the base commissary and stock a few shelve, i always do the yoplait yogurts and the green giant vegetables. i love it because i go in every night for a few hours i can go between 6pm and 8am, we get paid by the box we stock, with the yogurts i can get up to 50+ boxes :]. and the job works with my husbands swing shift, 3pm to 3am.

well look at the time... its technically Tuesday here in England! Yikes! but still monday back home so to me this still counts :]

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