Friday, June 24, 2011

late night baking

i just baked my husband his favorite thing. i got to use the my new kitchen to bake and i loved the space. my first kitchen here i had to mix cakes on the floor. 
can you guess what im baking at 11 pm ?!?!

Banana Bread!! 
i do not like banana bread, i dont really like bananas. i used to eat them. the smell reminds me of my nana, i would go down stairs for breakfast and have cheerios topped with banana slices. 

i really do get so grossed out when i make this, but my husband loves it so much and it makes me happy when i can make him something nice. he deserves it after a long hard week at work. they had him coming in at 1 , 2 hours before his shift... and its almost 1 am and hes still at work. so he will come home to a fresh loaf of banana bread :]


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