Wednesday, June 22, 2011

project get skinny

help me get back in shape by checking out my Daily Fitness tab, i'm really excited to write about each day and how its going. here's a bit i wrote last night about what is motivating me to keep this up. i haven't done much yet for day 3 but i have plans for later, i just have to let my joints recover!! maybe a home work out is a good idea. 

check out my tab to see how its going and what i'm up to :]

putting pictures of idols or pictures of Victoria Secret models on my computer background was my first attempt at motivation ... did it work.. NO! but every time i come across a picture of me before my weight gain i get sad and wish more than anything to lose a few pounds and that's when i get my butt up and over to the gym. so now my background is a collage of me. 

back then i was always running around with friends, i had cheerleading through high school and college, i taught gymnastics and cheer so i didn't have to watch what i ate, so once i moved down to Texas to live with my husband i didn't have any of that anymore and didn't realize i had to keep being active and choose better eating habits. that year i gained 30 pounds and now i don't even recognize myself in the mirror. i don't think im obese, i'm not technically over weight but i'm very uncomfortable i get winded going up the stairs and all my joints are starting to give out like i'm 90 years old. this needs to change. and here i am publicly announcing that from this day forward i vow to keep daily updates on my progress I WILL GET IN SHAPE. i'm going to even post a very embarrassing photo of me here to show (hopefully) my transformation into a healthier body, better now than when its to late. 

whats your motivation?? what do you do to keep your self focused on a goal??

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