Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i confess

  • i confess that this is two days in a row i have done a link up... this is new to me and my new blog ... and they are too much fun
  • i confess that i am currently drinking two energy drink at the same time 

  • i confess that i care too much about what people think and want to make everyone happy
  • i confess that i am freaking out over the fact that i can no longer afford to finish my college degree
  • i confess that i spend way too much time looking at the pictures of my new puppy the breeder sends for weekly updates

  • i confess that i don't drink enough water, which leads to headaches, which leads to me taking Excedrin and staying up all night

now fess up... its your turn head over to Carissa Explains It All and link up and spill your guts confess it all 


  1. I just read your fitness thing and I'm sooo proud of you I feel like crying :) It's great to hear you so motivated and excited about it! and as I was reading it.... I'm wearing turquoise Soffe shorts right now!!! I just wore them on my run and I thought that was such a weird coincidence hahah. We can still exchange food tips and stuff if you want too!

  2. thanks jen, this makes me sooo happy!! and thats awesome we would be wearing the same shorts even if were in two different countries!! i really do still wanna trade food tips!

  3. I've only had one glass of water today.. and I worked out... hence my headache ugh

    Two energy drinks at one?! my kind of girl!!!