Thursday, August 4, 2011

Project 001- crochet - part two COMPLETED!

here it is i have finally and officially finished my first crochet project. i never finish what im working on... believe me i have a bear with no arms. i had to take a few days off because i have tendinitis in my right wrist all because of crochet too THANKS ALOT!

 Original Lion Brand Example

so this is what it looked like when i finished. something just didn't look right to me. i followed the pattern to a T and realized there's a bunch of differences. the be is supposed to have an extra black stripe through the middle. and the grog is way to tall. i double checked to see if i did to many rows and i didnt the pattern wanted 40 rows. so i had to fix it.

i took out 19 rows. and i like how this looks much better. it was a free pattern from lion brand yarns, it was my first time using a pattern from them. im happy with it. i hope my friends new baby will like it too.

Base- Lily pad pond
Bottom ring- Bee
Middle ring- lady buy
Top ring- dragon fly
pole- frog

onto the next project i go!!! i looked through all my crochet and knitting today magazines (my obsession for theses mags are crazy!) i got my new fall crochet mag (on top) and want to make everything from it!!!

i picked out my next project, im going to also give it to the new born :] ! since its going to be cold and rainy here in england shell need some cute booties and a hat!!!

Project 002- crochet 


  1. Amazing, you have a lot of talent!

  2. I am SO IMPRESSED! I can knit (very basically, haha) but never learned to crochet. Found you through the "True Life" linkup @ Fabulous but Evil!