Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i... am... exhausted...

i am just so tired. i went to work twice yesterday so i could take today off and get to sleep in for the first time in weeks. i guess that is why i love my job. i basically work for myself. my friend was in charge of the sections and i helped her and then she would just pay me, but she handed it over to me last week and now i can decided what time and when i wanna work. so now i stock the yopliat yogurts, pillsbury pastry's, green giant vegetables, pizza rolls, tortinos pizzas, junos pizzas, toaster strudels and pancakes, and grands frozen rolls. YAY. the other day i stocked 100 boxes that was the most ive done. if i work fast i can get it done in 2 and a half hours. i have to get it done between 6pm and 8am. im really thankful for this job because my husbands schedule can be very annoying. when i worked at the post office full time for the holidays i had to take my break to take him to work then get back and stay late to make up for the extended break. it wasnt fun. but since ryan is on 12s he works 7pm to 7am so i went in when i dropped him off.

so i dont like staying home alone and sleeping alone. so when ryan works through the night i go to bed super early so i can wake up and get him. he had a big test today and he did amazing on it! 85 !! second best score in his squadron. i guess they say its technically impossible to get above a 90 on it or something.

hiro has good and bad days. he is having a bad day today. he is being such a brat. constantly biting at my legs. saying NO used to work, then it didnt, so i started yelping like a dog would if they were playing and biting each other, that worked for a day... not even... anyone have any ideas.... it drives me nuts i cant get anything done  because hell just follow me around and his bites are getting strong.

im so tired i cant even focus... im just rambling... atleast i dont start talking crazy talk ... ryan will talk in his sleep... or ill wake him up and talk to him then hell say something crazy.... the other morning he said and in a very serious i mean it kind of tone.... "i can tie my shoes a hundred different ways, but i cant sleep."


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