Friday, July 8, 2011

Adventuring out to New Castle to pick up our new puppy!!!

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(please zoom out to see our trip in the blue)
We are officially heading out to pick up our new puppy! We are driving from Brandon to just outside New Castle, it'll be about a 4 and a half hour drive one way but we will take two hour long breaks to let my car rest, making it six and a half hours. Our goal is to make it by 9 or 10 am Saturday. So that means we have to leave around 3am tonight to get there. i will be driving while my husband snoozes, were leaving right when he gets off work. i went to the library and checked out 2 audio books, the da Vinci Code (i have read this one years ago and i thought my husband wouldnt mind listening to that) and Stephenie Meyer's The Host, (i own this book but i just cant seem to get into it so maybe this will get me going, its about 23 hours long on CD so i wont be finishing this on our 13 hour long trip.

My car is getting really old now. its a 2000 ford focus so its starting to struggle a bit, so thats why i will be stopping every to hours for an hour or so to give him (henry aka my car) a rest. and when we get the puppy wed like to try and get him to use the bathroom.

I like to think that we are prepared. We got a cooler filled with ice, three 4 packs of monster energy drinks, sandwiches and 100 cal snack packs, tones of water bottles. We also have a carrier for hiro and some puppy pads in case of an accident. his coller and leash. a portable water bowl, water and a few chewy dog bones (although it may not be a great idea i wouldn't want him to get car sick). we also are bringing his little stuffed elephant. i have my camera for videos and pictures. i do want to try and record tid bits of our trip.

Were going up to the breeders home to pick up Hiro, he will be 7 weeks old. Hes a Purebred Chow Chow. We are so excited to finally meet and bring out our little guy. We have been getting updated photos of him since he was 3 weeks old.

well the library is closing in a few minutes (since i dint have a lap top anymore) so i must end this... enjoy the pictures of our new puppy and i look forward to sharing more :]

wish us luck on our adventure :]


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