Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Project 001- crochet - part one

i have been working on a new project for a couple days now. and i love it! my friend Suzy is having a baby girl early September. i took this opportunity to actually finish a crochet project. for real... i haven't finished one project to date! HA i could say i finished a granny square blanket... but i mailed it to my mom with out weaving in the ends HAHAHA OOPS. anyways im half done and i thought i would share the free pattern i found on the Lion Brand Yarn website. 

so here is what i have done so far. the patterns really easy to follow. i catch up on my recorded cold cases while i work on this. im really happy with how its coming along. i think maybe i might redo the base it looks a wee bit small ... like the rings are over taking it. but it might just be in the picture because in real life it kinda looks fine. i don't know... 

heres the link to the pattern, its free!! id say give it a try because its really cute and fun!! 

ill post when im done!! i swear this one will get finished.

i plan of unraveling 90% of the projects i haven't finished... and either redoing them or reusing the yarn. im gonna put pictures of them on here... its kinda funny how bad my crochet A.D.D is !!! ive already started planning out my next project and got the yarn and things i need... its so hard holding off on getting started i want to start it now!