Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whats your song?

i have recently discovered that listening to my ipod on shuffle helps me get my cleaning done around the house. last night the song Signs by Bloc Party came on and an instant flood of excitement and sadness rushed over me. i came across this song two years ago when i was living in Wichita Falls Texas. It was always on repeat. so when i heard this song i all of a sudden was put into flash back mode. i remember the warm nights driving on the highway taking my husband back to his tech school dorms, and laying out by the pool. i miss my little 550 square foot apartment. it was my first time living out on my own so when people hear me say AHH I LOVE WICHITA FALLS they say are you crazy, but i just loved everything about it, it was sooo different from good ol Massachusetts. i find myself thinking to the past of all the good times and the times i miss. recently i have just been missing home like crazy. well, here's the song, i hope you all enjoy this one.

Bloc Party - Signs

Whats your song?? Link up with Goodnight Moon and your play list just may grow, mine has :]

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