Monday, July 11, 2011

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Well it's Monday husbands birthday is tomorrow ... I want to make him a cake but I have no sticks of butter to make frosting, sure I can run a few mins down the road to get butter but I just can't leave my little Hiro in his kennel it makes him cry and it breaks my heart, we are trying to train him. Soo is there a way to make frosting with out butter? I don't think so... What am I to do... I have everything to make a cake ... I cant have cake without frosting.

I am still in shock that we made it to New Castle and back Saturday. I have never driven a car that far before in my life. it was so wierd to think that I was all the way up in north north England. We drove the entire way on the A1(M) THE NORTH. It was fun taking a big road trip. We went to a small rural town,Durham, to pick up our new puppy. We brought him home and he's starting to fit in very well.


Since I no longer have a computer i find myself to be very bored. But I dug out one of my logic problems and have been obsessing over them. Ive almost done half the magazine. What do you do to keep your self entertained when technology fails??

I am so excited to share my video and pictures from our trip and of Hiro. I think I will post something over this weekend. The plan is to get a desktop computer... Maybe ... Doing it on this iPod will take a century. I keep dropping this thing it's just to small.

Happy Monday... !

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  1. Our computer went into the shop for a week. It was a long week.